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5 Tips to Find More Facebook Fans

Taylor Swift has a lot of Facebook fans.  Not the leading sentence you were expecting, was it?  Though she might not be your favorite celeb (understatement of the year, you say?) she has 47 million fans on Facebook and must be doing something right.

Finding Facebook fans seems to be one of the biggest goals of clients when we first meet with them.  The little blue thumbs up sign becomes a focus for so many, yet it doesn’t have to be.  We put engagement much higher on our priority list than the number of likes.  However, we can appreciate and respect the concern with increasing the number of likes for a fan page.  There is no engagement if there are no likes, right?  With that in mind, here are 5 tips that can get you started.

1. Be Consistent: As with most things in social media, consistency is crucial.  Your Facebook fans need to know you are alive and breathing!  It’s all in the updates when it comes to Facebook, so be sure to consistently post.  However, don’t overdo it.  One or two posts a day should be sufficient.  Some organizations stick to three posts a week and still hold a good following.  Feel out your audience and adjust your frequency based on the engagement (or lack there of) of your audience.

2. Get Personal:  Be fun and likeable.  It might be tricky at first, but you need to think of your Facebook fans as your friends.  Ask them questions.  Pull in funny current media clips or post inspiring quotes and photos.  Most importantly, talk with them, not at them.  If you don’t master this, your fan base is guaranteed not to grow.  One of the best fan pages I follow always responds to comments, no matter how small.  More importantly, she always replies to them by name which makes a great impression to her fans.  It makes them feel special.  We all like the sound (or sight) of our name, so use them to make the Facebook experience more personal.

3. Integrate Social Plug-Ins Into Your Webpage:  Reach out to customers that visit your website or receive your e-newsletter.    Make it easy for people to find you on Facebook.  That cute little icon should be on every piece of marketing collateral you have printed.  Let people know you are involved on social media.

4. Be Current: Integrating current events into your Facebook strategy is a great way to appeal to new fans.  Whether it be the Christmas holiday or a more local event, sharing that content will resonate with people.  Your Facebook fans will appreciate your relevance and will likely comment and engage.

5. Use Call to Actions: Your Facebook fans are your fans for a reason.  They appreciate and support your mission and/or cause.  They are there to support you, so ask for it!  I recently worked with an organization that had 92 fans on Facebook.  We wanted to reach 100 and simply asked the fans to share the organization’s page with all their friends.  Within hours we had a dozen new likes and were featured on the blog of one of our followers!  We were so proud and flattered by the actions of our fans!  Don’t underestimate how much your fans will do for you.

These five steps are just the tip of the iceberg, but should get you started as you attempt to grow your Facebook fan base.  Do you understand these strategies but need a little more coaching as to how to implement them?  Our discovery and strategic review process can help you along your way.  Acquiring your Facebook community doesn’t have to be frustrating if you are strategic and smart about your execution.

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  1. I would like to know the correct timing for engagement. As I have already witnessed, organizations tend to share content with FB members during the day(during their office hours). But the users tend to be more active post 10pm and share their queries,but the campaign members or the admin tend not to work at that time and generally address the issues the nest day, unless they are working 24×7. By the next day momentum falls. How can such things be retained? there could be software for this,but I am looking for more of a manual strategy.

    • Abbi Achterberg
      / Says:

      This is a great point. I wrote a post back in February called “Social Media: It’s All in the Timing”, which might help you with some of these questions. If you are wanting to post during “off hours” you can always look at using software like HootSuite, which allows you to schedule posts for any time of day. As far as replying to posts, that would have to be done manually (even if it’s at 10pm). I believe timing is critical – you have to know when your audience is engaged. Some of that is just trial and error. Good luck and thanks for reading!

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