Who’s Behind Tipping Point?

Abbi AchterbergAbbi Achterberg, Owner of Tipping Point, LLC, has worked with a variety of non-profits in fundraising strategy, development training, and digital marketing since 2003.

After receiving her Bachelor’s degree from DePauw University she joined the MBA program at Butler University. It was here that she worked with non-profits and fell in love with helping fundraisers and development teams thrive. Thus she decided to start her own Indianapolis-based company and Tipping Point was born.

She has been featured as a Rising Star in the Indianapolis Star and has written guest posts for the Carmel Business Leader print publication.

Abbi lives in Carmel with her family.  Shoot her an email or give her a call if you want to chat.  She’d love to get to know you.

Abbi Achterberg, Owner & Strategic Director


Why work with Tipping Point Marketing?



Though education is important, we know that in fundraising experience is critical. Through working with a variety of clients on a number of projects we have gained experience, know-how, and best practices for many non-profit development team strategies.



Because of our firm understanding of business we know how to help push your organization forward. We don’t do anything related to fundraising without first analyzing how it will fit into your overall strategy. If it doesn’t fit we don’t do it. Deliberate practices and careful planning are a part of our day-to-day work.



Having a creative approach and being a forward thinker are required in the industry today. We have seen fundraising evolve over the years and know that a creative strategy is the only way to make you stand out.