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3 Guidelines for Email Marketing Success

We get bombarded with emails every day that we don’t open.   However, occasionally you get enticed by something that makes you read it.  But what attracts you to certain emails and deters you from others?  It is likely that the creators of the emails you opened followed these guidelines for email marketing success.


Do not expect to sell 100 pairs of tennis shoes overnight via your email marketing campaign.  You simply want to educate and inform your audience while at the same time gently reminding them you are there.  Position yourself as the provider now so that when that person does need your product or service they remember YOU.

Sharing useful insider tips or practical solutions is the best way to stay relevant for your customers. Also including special promos or coupons just for your distribution list is a way to not only make them feel special but to attract others to sign up for your list, too.


Create something that will interest the reader and is about them, not you.  Try to get in their head, think like they would, and understand their point of view.  Keep it 30 to 50 characters long and create a sense of urgency for the recipient.  Also, give them a clear indication of what to expect when opening the email.  And be honest – nothing will make a person unsubscribe faster than to find the subject line was misleading about the content.

Creating a hook can sometimes be a challenge. To create something that people are likely to open I usually think of a phrase or question pertaining to the content that I get frequently. Or, I write something unexpected that I know will get their attention. For a recent blog post and e-newsletter I used the title “Why Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Matter”, which I knew would get people’s attention.


Finally, get to the point in your email quickly if you want to achieve email marketing success. It is likely no one is going to read a long draft of text. Keep the most important information “about the fold” to catch the reader’s attention from the beginning. What will they gain from your product or service?  Are there clear benefits you can provide?  Outline those benefits clearly and concisely.  Your reader will only scan your email, so get your point across clearly and quickly.

We use Constant Contact in our office, but other email programs such as MyEMMA, MailChimp and Exact Target offer other solutions to help keep your campaign on schedule. Making it a priority and part of your content marketing routine will help you learn the best techniques and strategies for your organization.


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  1. thebusinessowl
    / Says:

    For me, there is one other item that needs full contemplation and consideration……
    frequency of delivery..
    Fine to run a campaign, especially one that will bring value for Customers and/or prospects..
    There are quite a number of “good contacts” that I have un-subscribed to…..
    I really don’t need to get X number of emails a week from one source, no matter how good it is!
    Equally, people use the blog to link to twitter and linked in or equivalents…
    Anybody else hate getting 23 updates via twitter from individuals on a daily basis!
    For mr, a good blog post is provocative: it makes me think!
    Yours certainly did…Thank you!

    • Abbi Achterberg
      / Says:

      I 100% agree! Frequency is key. Too much is overkill and too little and they forget who you are! For e-newsletters, I think once a month is fine. If you are running a promotional marketing campaign you will have to decide what frequency is best for you and your customer. Thanks for the comment, thebusinessowl!

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