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Relationship-Based Sales Skills Essential for Fundraising

We don't consider "sales" a dirty word, but occasionally we see a pained face from fundraisers or non-profit professionals when the word pops up in conversation. We think it's a necessary word when discussing fundraising. This discrepancy and misunderstanding might be why some non-profits are struggling to fundraise and are failing to understand...
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Development Insights | How to Ask When Fundraising

Fundraising can be a tough sport. We've worked with countless non-profits throughout the years and fundraisers don't always get the credit they deserve. They're essentially sales people for non-profits that are doing amazing things for special groups around the world. Knowing how to ask when fundraising is an art that many...
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5 Tips for Using Pinterest for Business

Many websites rely on Pinterest for business to tell their story and draw customers to their site. If you work in interior design, fashion, food, or another visually-focused medium, it's important to have a strong presence on Pinterest. It's also important to make the most of it, which is why...
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